Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Make 2015 3D Printer Test

Make recently published their 2015 3D Printer test results and they also published the test files they used and how to evaluate them.

I decided to try on my Bukito and I've documented what I got here.

The Bukito was also scored on Page 61, so I thought it would be interesting to compare my scores to the magazine scores. I have the PLA cooling fan (with the optional duct( and the magazine model didn't, so I think that contributed to some of the lower scores in the magazine.

I was using 1.75mm Gray filament that I purchased from

I sliced the models in Cura. This is my settings file.

Here are my settings changes:
  • Layer Height 0.2mm
  • Printing Speed 30 mm/sec (although for many of these the actual printing speed was much slower due to the small size of the layers).
  • I printed the first layer at 210C, and then dropped the temp to 190C for the remaining layers.
  • I changed the first layer height to 0.2mm and 100% extrusion width.

Dimensional Accuracy:

Time: 00:38:08
My Score: 5 - I didn't count the seam. 4 If I count the seam.
Magazine Score: 4

X Measurement: 19.94 mm
Y Measurement: 20.05mm There was a seam right on the Y axis - you can see it just left of center in the photo on the left. On the seam I measured 20.18 mm. So I think I'm over extruding just a touch.

I can also see some Z-axis artifacts (my z-axis has 1 mm thread).


Time: 00:48:21
My Score:  Based on the description, I think this is a 4 or 5. The droops were all less than 2mm.
Magazine Score: 2


Time: 01:27:00
My Score:  4
Magazine Score: 2

The 70 degree overhand wasn't pretty on the back, but no drops.

UPDATE: I rotated the model 90 degrees and got much better results. See this post.

Negative Space Tolerance:

Time: 00:52:41
My Score: 4
Magazine Score: 2

I printed this a couple of times. One time, all of the pegs came out, another time, the smallest clearance peg won't come out. I can see it moving, but there is something inside holding it in.

Fine Positive Space Features Performance:

Time: 00:25:05
My Score: 3
Magazine Score: 3

Mechanical Resonance in XY:

Time: 00:38:33
My Score: Pass - no rippling. If I printed at 100 mm/sec then I know I would see some rippling. There was some slight over extrusion on the left-hand corner (seam location). The remaining corners all looked really good.
Magazine Score: Pass

I wound up using the model with 1mm walls. I see a faint herringbone pattern which I think comes from the fact that the synchromesh goes over a pair of bearings at the end rather than over a proper synchromesh pulley (like the one on the stepper motor). I see the same pattern on both X & Y.
The photo on the left shows the synchromesh going over the bearing, and the photo on the right shows the synchromesh pulley.

Mechanical Resonance in Z:

Time: 01:29:49
My Score: Pass
Magazine Score: Pass

I couldn't see any of the Z artifacts on this print that I could see on some of the other prints.

I also printed the Maker Faire Robot Action Figure and all of the joints move:

There was a little big of sagging under the arms, but everything else seems to be good.