Bukito - First Print

Written on September 25, 2014

Tags: 3D-Printing (12) Bukito (9)

So I got the bed trammed, and all of the limit switches checked out. Time to print!

For the first print, I decided to print the Bukito Tram G-Code

Here’s a video that shows it just after I started the first print. It places 4 beads around the outside of the table, and you can examine these to see how well you’ve trammed things.

Here’s another video that shows the cylinders being printed.

And one showing the extruder screw.

My photo of the finished print:

and another from above:

A bit of closeup showing some of the fine threads on the inside of the cylinders:

A ruler to give some scale:

And finally, a closeup of the side of the cylinder: