MendelMax3 - GLCD Case

Written on January 10, 2015

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One of the options I purchased with my MendelMax 3 was the GLCD. However, it doesn’t come with a case, and the cases designs from MTW are all for the MM2.

OhmEye (one of the MM3 beta testers) put together a really nice one, however, the GLCD panel I got didn’t quite fit my board. My panel was 0.5mm wider and the whole thing is a bit thicker.

So I redesigned the top piece and since I was doing something from scratch, I decided to hide the black bezel around the LCD. In my case I printed the case in black, but if you used a different color then you my not want to see the black bezel.

I also created a spacer to go between the white and green PCBs:

The left side has a low spot to allow clearance for some of the compontents on the board:

OhmEye’s STL parts include a spacer:

Which goes on the back of the board like so:

I also modified the back mounting piece by adding some reinforcements and mirroring the whole thing since I wanted to mount it on the right side of my printer:

I found that the easiest way to put everything together is to assemble it all on the back and have the screws just coming through the circuit board, and then put the top on.

I made a few tweaks to the model (increased the width of the slot around the emergency stop button, and added a bevel), which aren’t included in the photo. The parts pictured here were printed on my Bukito, and due to the size they tend to pull the blue tape up a bit. So there is a tiny bit of warping. I plan on reprinting all of these parts in PET+ when I get that working on my MM3.

Here it is mounted on my MM3:

I’d like it to be higher up (more above the front), so I’ll redo the base, but I really like the way it mounts.

To summarize the pieces: I used the base and spacer from OhmEye’s STL files. I used the knob from the MTW GLCD mount files. The front and PCB spacer can be found on thingiverse and github.