MicroPython mods - Adding a BOOT0 switch to the pyboard.

Written on May 7, 2014

Tags: MicroPython (5)

WooHoo - My MicroPython board showed up today. Here it is, enclosed in a SliceCase.

I also made my first mod, which was to add a switch for the BOOT1 signal. The red wire runs to 3.3v (on one of the caps connected to pin 64), and the white wire runs to the BOOT0 signal on R15 (See the bottom left corner of the schematic). A dab of hot-glue holds the switch in place on top of the processor. Up until now, I’ve been using a NetDuino Plus 2 which has the same processor as the pyboard. Now, when I want to flash a new version of MicroPython (which I do quite frequently) I can press BOOT0 and RESET, and the board comes up in the DFU bootloader.