Written on October 16, 2014

Tags: MicroPython (5) OpenMVCam (1)

I signed up to get one of the early OpenMVCam boards, and mine arrived yesterday.

One really cool thing is that it uses MicroPython to control it. Here’s a photo of the OpenMVCam board beside a MicroPython board (OpenMVCam on the left), along with a photo of the back of the OpenMVCam board on the right. The MicroPython board uses the 64-pin STM32F405, where the OpenMVCam board uses the 100 pin STM32F407.

I decided to use the OpenMVCam to take a “selfie”:

This was taken in a mirror using the python script, running on the openmv board to snap a photo. I need to figure out how to focus the camera.