Raise3D N2 - Custom Spool Holder

Written on February 22, 2016

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The filament spools that came with my Raise3D printer are 200mm in diameter, 70mm thick, and have a central hole about 55mm in diameter.

I happen to have alot of spools of PLA which are 162mm in diameter, 85mm thick, and has a central hole diameter of 31mm.

Needless to say, my spools won’t fit on the N2 spool holders. So I went and designed a spool holder using OnShape. I put the files on thingiverse and on my github account.

This shows the spool holder mounted in the printer:

And with a spool on it.

I can’t close the door with this spool holder mounted, but that isn’t really an issue for PLA.


As I notice people creating variations, I’ll include them here: Shorter 65mm shaft